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Buckeye Specialty EQUIPMENT SALES
We can provide a fully equipped "turn key" trailer that includes:

~16 foot duel axle trailer, with either the back door as a ramp , or as barn swing doors. Both models have a side curb door.

**The base model rig (call for pricing) delivered, with two days of on site training.

***The equipment for this basic rig is: CALL FOR PRICING

Graco E-20 spray machine
150 feet of heated hose
10 foot heated whip hose
1 Fusion spray gun
2 drum pumps, and transfer hoses

~This rig will have an 5 hp, 80 gal air compressor, work bench with a vice, drum mixer for the "B" side chemical, Fresh air supply respirator system that includes the air pump, 100 feet of air line, face mask, with 50 tare off covers for the face shield, 3 spray suits, 3 spray socks, and 3 work gloves, box of plastic, and some tools needed for the equipment. hose rack will be installed for hose storage.

~ It will also include 110 feet of power leads, to hook into on site power. all air hard plumb, and quick connects will be installed. all electrical work will be done including outlet within the trailer.

****The Basic Plus package will include the basic package with an upgrade to 200 feet of heated hose, and a second spray gun.

The price for the basic Plus package CALL FOR PRICING

*****The next package is the Basic Generator package, this would include a 26 KW gas generator, and a 13 hp 30 gal tank gas Air compressor, along with the items listed in the basic package.

The price for this set up CALL FOR PRICING

~The Basic Plus with Generator package will be the Basic Generator Package with the upgrade to the 200 feet of heated hose and the second spray gun.

The price for this is CALL FOR PRICING

*******Also available for upgrades is to up grade the Graco E-20 spray machine for the higher output Graco E-30.

We can also put the equipment in a 20 foot duel axle trailer for an up grade also.

*If you prefer Glas Craft Spray equipment we can outfit a rig with Glas Craft equipment.

We can deliver rigs in all 50 states and parts of Canada, and if you have your own trailer, or box truck we can install the equipment in them.

Please call, or e-mail us for CURRENT PRICING
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